Kau Ini Bagaimana Atau Aku Harus Bagaimana

Puisi, is Malay form of art, translated as simply poetry. It is the art of writing in which language is described in various aesthetics and semantics. I've been exposing myself to a bit of puisi of late, understanding the contexts and meanings behind the words being written or said. Attached in this blogpost is probably one of my favourites. "Kau Ini Bagaimana Atau Aku Harus Bagaimana" is a puisi written by Gus Mus in 1987, used as a critique to the corrupt and injustices of the people in power, masking themselves as the democratic institution. Gus Mus, uses the pronoun " I " to represent those of the people in the poem. Its beautifully written, with many not so subtle messages behind them. Do enjoy this reading of the puisi, as I do.

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