What have you done?

I'm 27 this year, and a lingering question comes back to me from time to time?
What have you done so far? Let me rephrase that, a more apt question would be what have you achieved so far?

No, I'm not talking about surviving Uni or achieving attractive grades. Or learning that you're now capable of cooking a meal that actually tastes good. Not that kind of achievement. More like accomplishing things that you started or created from scratch, and developing it into something that is impacting you're life and others too. Art, music, business start-ups, initiatives like NGOs and Associations, and the like. (Note: this is obviously subjective view from my part)

It gets to me sometimes now that I'm working and seeing friends, working or not accomplished things that in the past you don't see them being capable of. This is not put them in a negative light or saying that I looked down on them before, but more like, how surprised you are by them and how they took you off guard with how much successes they've achieved in life. Mind you, some of the friends that I'm talking about here I have grown up with and know the kinds of deeds and misdeeds they've done, and how much of a fool they were when we were young idiots growing up.

Its even more fascinating in the phase of my working life to meet new people both locally and from various parts of the world that are successful even more. Most of them are the same age as me, if not younger. And they're doing a million of things already, and in most cases, all at once, juggling their own respective working lives and doing what they're passionate about in their spare time. Looking at that, I constantly ask myself, "what about you?"

I envy these folks, but I don't want to emulate them, as in I don't want to do what they're doing because some of the things that they're doing are not necessarily the things I am not passionate about. But I do want to emulate their hard work and dedication that they show and deliver in realizing those passions. So, I am gradually searching and striving ideas derived from my passions. I have a lot of things in mind, but obviously it'll need some firming up from every different angles.  I remember in one of the job interviews that I sat down a year or so back from one of the country's established firms. After a string of 'common things they ask' kind of questions, one of the interviewers asked me, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" My answer to that was, "I want to open a business, I don't know what that business will be, but I want to start something". Thats my passion. I want to start something one day, it may or may not be in five years, but like I said, I'm searching and striving for it. And will continue to do so. I'm blessed however to have met and see business people on a daily basis, and will learn from them as much as I can. Some are very open and very helpful in assisting me and sharing their stories of how they came about in setting up their business, which I'm very grateful about. True as what they say, "Always surround yourself with brilliant people".

I actually have done a lot of business-y talks with my fiancé about these things from time to time, and I'm pretty sure she's quite tired hearing about it. I remember in one of my many travels while living in the UK, I would look at business ideas and concepts in various cities that I visited and be amazed by them. I'd tell myself: "Wow, why can't we have this in Brunei?" Some of you will get that as well right? Realistically some of the things that we see abroad would most likely not fly that well in Brunei, and some that may work, would usually require a large chunk of capital to sustain, which we don't necessarily possess. 

So I'm still searching and striving. With a little bit of hope and learning, I'll probably find one sooner or later. For you out there, ask yourself, "what have you achieved so far?". Lets be optimistic and do the search together; we will achieve something one day:)

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