Reflecting Back

Its been a while since I last touched this page and articulate my thoughts in the form of words and expressions. This somewhat likens me to this episode of Friends when Monica was making fun of Rachel for not ever being able to commit to her new year resolutions, such as keeping a dairy. It been hard nowadays and not necessarily as exciting as it used to be. Admittedly, I've lost the urge sometimes to sit in front of my laptop and ponder about ideas, thoughts and things that I gathered throughout the day or week (even month). Anyway, yes, its been a while...

Put simply, I've been busy, literally. However, a lot of interesting things have happened since then, so I figured it was time to rediscover the keyboard and garner enough spirit to blog again. That said, I do wish to post new entries here on a more regular basis and share some of the stuff that I’ve been up to. I mean, admittedly some of my own posts have been helpful to myself when I least expected it. Throughout the last year since I last posted I've been unemployed, applied work, rejected, traveling, applied uni for PhD, accepted, but later rejected, employed, traveling, busy with work, more traveling, got engaged, traveling and here I am. Pity though that I haven't been able to find the time to blog about it here, particularly the travels that I did, as I often used to document highlights of my travels here in the blog. 

Speaking of work, last week, on the first of July marked my one year being a working person. For that 6-7 months of unemployment life last year where I was complaining and waking up with wrath (well maybe with a slight annoyance rather) for not getting that call and start earning my own money, last July I finally got one, albeit working in a niche totally different to what I had aspired previously during my school and Uni days. Since I've been working now, and having my life revolved around work (not a good thing to have, I admit), I’ve gained a much greater appreciation of life previously, particularly those great four years being abroad and being a student there. I'm still experiencing the post university melancholy, even though my post university was somewhat more that a year ago. You see, the difference being an employed person and an unemployed person at least to me, is that the unemployed tends to take the little pleasures in life for granted, whereas to the employed, little pleasures are hard to get and when you actually get them, you savour every moment. Little pleasures that I mean here are like lazying around reading books, or cooking, or spending quality time at home or go sightseeing, or maybe finding time for blogging. As I am writing this blog, I am actually on a long weekend break from one of the  public holidays in Ramadan. As sad as it sounds, long breaks are something I really really look forward to in certain months, as I can commit it to little pleasures like what I mentioned above. 

Going back to University life, right around this time three years ago, I was in the midst of preparing my things, packing and sorting out the boxes, for going back home to Brunei after 3 years of doing my degree there. How recent that felt, and funny when I was mentally calculating it to realise that was three years ago! Reminiscing the first time I arrived in Bristol, jet lagged and alone, seeing unfamiliar sights in an unfamiliar city, exploring every small streets and wasting time in small cafes and shops, particular when you home is situated in a place with 'Village' in its name. You can really see the character and originality of everyday lives in that place. Fast forward to the final year, in a cafe along Park Street, speaking with the barista and telling him that that day would be my last day in Bristol, both of us concurred Bristol is such a nice place to be in and that we'll miss this city when we leave and said our goodbyes; I guess that was my July then. That afternoon I headed to London. Would love to visit the UK, (Bristol specifically) again one day. For those coming back home soon, cherish your time abroad, wherever you are and don't worry so much about not being able to find work. Because once you do find work, you'll realise how little things suddenly worth a luxury and how fun it was being unemployed actually was.

Lastly before signing out, admittedly, it feels good to finally blog about something and utilising this space that I've neglected for a very long time. I guess I've just been feeling a little uninspired. I haven't had the spare energy to blog, nor have I wanted to put together a quick and unimaginative post just for the sake of publishing a new post. That being said however, blogging still remains to be one of my passions and after having already lost some extremely big things such as the luxury of time, it'd be a real shame to see another thing that I love be stripped away. Kind of feels like I've got all the ideas but not the spoons. I'm still a little unsure on how to ease myself back into blogging on this site, but will definitely try being consistent with it. Looking forward for the many many things happening in the current and future phases of my life!

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