End of my student life

Its been a really really long while since I last updated this blog, and the feeling of guilt as always exists in me. It can be very tough to find materials to blog about nowadays, more so after the realisation that I am no longer a student of any particular place of thought. You see, I spent 4 or so years of my life abroad, being an undergraduate in the University of Bristol, graduating in '12. I pursued further for a master degree afterwards at the same University and finished in September last year, returned home that November and (didn't attend) graduated February this year. Like others, I was placed on this phase of post-degree life called 'unemployment' or as we popularly term it in Malay, 'Menganggur'

Frankly, that period was one of best times that I had. I mean who wouldn't have wished for anything like that where your schedule involved waking up and staying up late, do nothing and eat. Yet, like others, the bad days involved a continuous cycle of disappointments in the form of regret employment letters and seeing others getting the job that you wished you had gotten. The wait, oh dear life, at times were unbearable! But good things arrived eventually. So here I am, no longer unemployed, since July.

That said, going back to the earlier discussions, materials are just difficult to gather. You see, when I started this blog in '07, it began sort of like a place where I wrote things about my everyday life as a Maktab Duli student, hanging out with friends and doing things college students usually do. Fast forward to '09, I was fortunate enough to be getting the scholarship to do my studies abroad, so my writings were based on my experiences there and sometimes from the things I learnt in Uni and other things like travelling. Being a student abroad, experiences are more exciting, more different, more so when you were sent there to do politics and in Europe. 

Politics to me is something very new and difficult to understand sometimes, at least to us Bruneians. But at the same time very exciting and 'real' to me. Its 'real' because it deals with what is going on in front of us and on the outset. But real as it is depends on how people see it in the first place. Every one has their own opinions and meanings to things. I have mine and you have yours. That is where my writings shifted to become sometimes 'political', though not in the mischievous or cynical ways we often hear about all thing politics. 

And presently, here I am. No longer a student, nor someone who identified himself to others as 'Hi, I'm Abdul Muiz, I'm a politics major'. Its difficult I guess to write materials nowadays since for last seven years things I wrote on this blog were mostly about stuffs that revolved around college and University and things that went on from there. So apologies for the lack of updates and the lack of materials. Perhaps I could say that the blog is on a transitional period and in the process of changing content. (Surely I can't blog about work here (though i wished I could LOL))

Until then, see you in the next 3-6 months or so. LOL

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