The overwhelming response.

I began this blog somewhere in 2007, just fresh off the time when I started MD and right about the time when I started driving. I wanted to use this space to journal the things that went on around me, my travels, moments and pretty much the recent going ons that I experienced and faced. It didn't dawn to me that anyone would come by and visit this blog and have a peek. I was proven wrong the past few days when I learnt, accidentally upon logging in to my Facebook that a recent article I wrote shared and appeared in a friends' facebook pages, with my face clearly showing in their wall feeds, again and again. My blogpost views visibly indicated that I had over 10,000 visits that particular day alone one that article. Evidently, I was overwhelmed.

Its not common that our voices are heard, and in today's spheres of world wide web, we often find comfort expressing our voices and views anonymously. A blog, in particular mine, since its existence 7 years ago, have the unfortunate raison d'être with disclosure over concealment, and uploaded photos of me, family and friends didn't add to the concealment. But I prefer it that way.

Anyway, regarding the article itself, I am all but thankful to the positive responses and words of encouragement from family members, friends and relative unknowns over the views that I side on in that writing. I strongly believe in the cause and feel that it is always better that a positive outlook over the negatives. In the article, I spoke mainly and specifically on the uncalled reactions and dividing languages that some of us majority populace opted to take, but at the same time using His Majesty, the government and religion as a justification to their behaviours, ones that I don't believe in. 

While I tried to be clear with that point, I have to admit that some couldn't or perhaps took my writing totally away from the context that I was attempting to achieve. Some thought that I was against the government, others meanwhile went to the extreme accusing or insinuating that I was against the Law from the Holy Book of Quran. Though I don't have to recuse myself, my only advice is simple: read, understand and read again. My aim of that writing is simple, that from a political and socio-economic standpoint (since I am after all a learner of the field of thought), it is never a conducive environment when one engages in disunity and insensitivity when expressing their point across. And this goes to both sides of the camp. Debates are always ongoing, whichever and whatever the topic is about, but it must be done in a healthy way. When all fails, its never a bad idea to agree to disagree. Is it not? 

Coincidentally in the spirit of disclosure, the recent episode and reactions over the recent introduction of the Sharia law in our beloved country have evidently expose a thing or two about our young nation, that there are some issues in hand that we can work out and find solutions to. One that to me is closer to heart is our current development goals, the Wawasan Brunei 2035. I am part of the Wawasan generation and in god's will, it is us, including myself that will come realise it and observe the changes first hand. There are so many other issues that us Bruneians should focus on and side-tracking on petty matters like racial insensitivities and racism (even if its in social media) will only digress the important things that we think of. We can always do a better job for Brunei, be it little things and somewhat in conspicuous ways.

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