In case you haven't figured it out, I home already. Since a couple of months or so. A bit long over due, don't you say? 

So here I am, a fresh Masters graduate (well soon to be), unemployed and brimming with confidence. Where do I go next, you ask? Wallahuallam. My heart is so attuned to the rigours, challenges and excitements of a Ph.D academic, but my mind is so concerned about jobs. So uncertain on the next move, I'd take whichever chances that arrive sooner on my doorstep. 

At the moment though, I'm in the midst of writing up a research proposal to submit for my Ph.D application, but still undecided on where to do it. Initially I wanted somewhere closer to home like in Singapore, however, due to the difficulty in undertaking the tests for entrance, I decided that I might just do it in the UK again. At the same time I have applied to various part-time job opportunities just for experience sake. People would always confide to me on how I should try and apply for permanent jobs  in the Ministry, a universal opinion here that you can almost call it a cliche. The trouble with that though, no matter how many applications I sent out, at the end of the day its not up to me to decide which jobs I get to pick, its up to the potential employers. So far though, there has been nothing. Also, why would I rush on finding a job as soon as possible? I just completed a mind numbing Masters course literally a few months ago, obviously I need some down time to relax and enjoy life for a bit before I commit to a job, a job bear in mind, that I will be in the next decade or so, or even until I retire. So a few months rest and doing nothing are not really a bad thing come to think of it.

Anyway, its great to be back! And undoubtedly loads been and will be happening. I've been reflecting a lot on my time in the UK and especially Bristol. The parks, hills, leaves in Autumn and of course University. It feels so quick that I am now (unofficially) a Masters graduate. Though that may not seem uncommon here in Brunei, but thinking back on the first day you left home to study abroad, and getting here, you sit there thinking, 'Boy, that was four years ago!'. Time does fly by so fast! At the same time, 2013 has been quite a year for me in terms of ups and downs in life. I had lost the most beloved grandmother in October, a shy 3 weeks before I was due to come home. Not having the opportunity see her face and to say my last goodbyes are obviously the things I think about from time to time. It was a tough time for me and everyone, but it has slowly eased on me.

For now, I'm optimistic on the future and absorbing the much needed relaxation time under the sun:)

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