December then, December now.

Its December again in Bristol and that means Christmas is coming soon!
This year December has been very different than the previous December months I experienced. For a start, its not doomsday as far as I'm concerned (as I'm all well and breathing). I'm currently alone in my flat and I have to say its a well deserved moment of solitude until Uni restarts and the hustle and bustle of people begin to float back to Bristol after their respective Christmas get together with families and city hoppings around Europe and elsewhere. I guess I've grown to love being in my own world, and I'm not being pathetic or being some kind of deceitful loner planning to blow up the world in his decent size bedroom. No, I'm not like that. I just enjoy having my own space for a moment and do things I enjoy. I learn more from there.

I actually just came back from Paris and London last night and had a very tiring yet enjoyable trip. A lecturer of mine said a week before I left, "Why would you go there? The place is filled with French". True. But its not the French I'm after, its their City and their buildings and panoramic sceneries that attract me. Paris, is indeed a beautiful city, in spite of the French and their reluctance to speak English or any different languages. Its romantic (not the love-dovey kind of romance, but in philosophical terms), it aspires you to think more and grow from it. Which was mostly what I did there. My mind were filled with a lot of thinking and understanding. Its no wonder the likes of Hemingway and Fitzgerald lived and loved Paris. Forgive me if I sound pretentious, but you have to be there to understand it.

On a different note, arriving back to Bristol provided me enough 'bang' on the head. I'm back to reality. I've three 4000 essays due til next month. But as I always say to myself and other people who are having the same if not worst predicament as I am, 'Its doable'. So wish me luck as I seep in my solitude and spend my days reading and scribbling various texts and notes on development, IPE and East Asia Development in the next coming weeks ahead. :)

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