My 5-6 weeks of Post-Grad life

In you didn't know it, I'm back in Bristol. And No, contrary to the beliefs of some people (including my bewildered lecturers and tutors), I'm here again for my postgrad studies. 

To update my first 5 or 6 weeks back in this historic city, I can say that there are clear differences between life as an undergrad and postgrad. I always say this to my friends, its the first time in this awesome University where I feel less of a minority in class since most of the people came from different parts of the world. Other than that, I noticed that workload are always increasing this time. Like next week, I'm supposed to read over 60+ pages of materials just for this one unit I'm taking (and that just one required reading. Not regarding that other two units I'm taking), which I've done a few days ago.  To be honest, its not as exciting as they were back then, but in terms of life and the studying in general, its far more focused and inclined towards the experience or feelings that I'm going for. Ever better, this workload makes me somewhat productive. You wont see me going over 60+ worth of readings back in the Undergrad days, because that's 'too much for me?'. 

Of course, its too early to say. 6 weeks of postgrad life can't say anything much about the rest of the upcoming weeks slash dissertation due date. Like always I'm keeping myself aware of what to expect, but constantly assuring myself that things will be ok, which I hope will. Until then, I'm going to keep my focus straight and make myself sure I'm moving on the right path! 

Oh yeah, essay questions for the required coursework are coming out tomorrow. Wonder how that's going to be, but I hope I can cope. Can't wait!

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