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I attended the Brustol Leavers' Lunch at noon today. It was the second one I attended. Last year's was for our seniors and this year it was for my batch, for me (being part of the leavers). It hits you on the head how fast the time goes by, does it? If you scroll back to the days and months prior to my leaving Brunei for UK, I was quipped with enthusiasm and motivation to get the ball rolling so to speak. But as of now, those enthusiasms waver and is replaced with feeling of extreme torment and unimaginable nervousness. 2 days until the results are released. But that's a discussion for the next blog entry perhaps?

I'm in a bit of nostalgic mood at the moment thinking about how my journey in the South West is about to come to an end. Bristol, my second home, has been such an important phase of my life. What have I learnt about my three years here? I will list them in a very random and general fashion.

From an economics and political standpoint (being a politics student I am), in the course of my living in the UK, I've experienced recession, recovery phase and back to recession period, with negative growth. I had lived in a world of oxymorons: Taxes were slashed and raised. Things were expensive and cheap at some time. Old government in, new government out. People were protesting and wars (or bombs rather) were waged. Almost three year I've live in this City and things are different each year, surprisingly. I guess thats what its like in a First World country. In Brunei on the other hand, rain or day and year by year, other than opening up and closing down of shops, you can hardly notice any spot of difference in our beloved abode. When the world quarrelling with each other on handling the economy, we live prosper and knew little about what's going on outside our 'box'. People worried putting food to the plate, yet we went about our everyday lives and spent. Being a first world state isn't much of a joyride, when you think about it.

A a student and person, I learnt that my College, the University of Bristol is my biggest and perhaps most important alma matter, the place where I learn and value the hardships of growing up, a place where I truly feel what it feels to be a minority and treated as a second class citizen and importantly, the farthest I've been from my family for a long time. In some ways I learnt that somethings they say and taught you in secondary school are plain bullcrap and not at all true (on top of my head right now is the expression "yea" or yes in the correct English term. I have to apologise to my former English teacher in Sayyidina Hussain who emphasised to me that there was no such thing as "Yea" and that English people use Yes to concur in a discussion. Well 'YES' MY ASS!!. I've a bunch of Doctors and Professors who opted "Yea" over YES. But I digress, I'm sure I can think of other serious examples when my mind isn't being random). I also learnt to appreciate art, architecture and literature, something that I wouldn't bother much in the past. I learnt the culture of backpacking and did my own backpacking trips over the years, which strengthens my affinity towards travelling even more. I leant that sometimes I am not the bigger man, so I am prone to doing terrible things. I admit, I've issues man! I learnt that while technology is making life easier and connecting people closer (see Skype and Whatsapp, iPhone and Samsung SIII), Facebook on the other hand only brings most to the negatives. While I use it to keep in touch or chat, in some cases that I experienced, brought about suspicions and negativities. Like when you read a certain post that you thought was about you, although the other person/group of people may be talking about someone else, you can't help but to deduce that they were indeed talking about you so you took offence towards it. Or when you speak religious things, like reminding others that this and that are better than the other this and that, yet at the same time, this person hardly even kneel and touch his forehead to the ground and 'face' the God Almighty 5 times a day. Point of the matter is, in spite of globalisation as a force in today's world, there are still racists, bigots and hypocrites exist in this world. Other than that, I also learnt to live with £20 in the bank account with 3 weeks til the next allowance coming in (don't ask me how I ended up with £20). Yet thats not outrageous compare to the millions living days, months and years with nothing. I learnt what its like to hold the burden of worrying about your loved ones facing various hardships back home. It is at that point that you feel like you can push the clock faster and get back home soon. I learnt that they've been many ups and downs being a student abroad.

People may or may not like it, may disagree and possibly say they strived through better/worser experiences than mine. But that's not what I'm conveying here. I'm not in a business of competing. Rather, my writings here is to express what I had experienced. I learnt a lot of things and what I am conveying are dead honest feelings about life di perantauan. 

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