Layover adventure

I have and always will be a fan of travelling. I love it so much, that travelling channels like TLC and shows like No Reservation are much anticipated.  While youtube-ing my way on the free time, I stumbled upon a new show apparently hosted by Anthony Bourdain called 'The Layover'

The concept of the show is simple. Its a guide of 'what to do's' and 'where to go's' when you're in one of those long layovers. Perhaps, the show is aimed primarily for business travellers or those people who's definition of 'weekend's leisure' means going across the border for a couple of days. But what's interesting is the fact that the show involves Mr. Bourdain, knowing him from watching is shows and reading his books, he's a non-conformist, non-touristy and non-stereotypical in his travels (not to forget the quirky comments he often makes about a particular food/culture/place cracks me up). Instead of opting for those cheesy double decker buses experience in London, or 'Hey, let's hop for the Singapore Eye ride in Singapore!', he'll much prefer the 'real' and 'authentic' side of travelling. By that I mean going for something that really 'defines' the place and country he's at. Singapore for instance is famous not just for their shopping, but the fact that the country was a British Colony, has three distinct ethnicities and a blend of modern first world nation but still holding on to traditional values. Reading the three ideas between the lines, what Mr. Bourdain (or at least of how I perceived the show as) is implying at is instead of spending the day in Sentosa Islands, why not delve into this highly Colonial British-inspired island, where you can enjoy foods from three completely different ethnic groups meshed into one and understand how the City-state is coping with a relatively conservative culture in a highly modernised society. 

That's just an example of a city that Bourdain had his so called 'layover', there are about 5 or more major (layover cities I presume) cities, which he specifically calculated with time and estimated price, which is another feature on the show that I like about.

I'm hooked and inspired. I'm pretty grateful to come from a Southeast Asian country, because we are so blessed with very cheap budget airline and very interesting travel destinations. One of these days I should hop on a place for a day or two and do a 'layover' somewhere. Well, I might as well do so, some day. After all, summer is coming by soon!

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