Day trip to another city.

Wouldn't it be nice to just get out and travel to another city just for the day? I have this traveling fantasy in my mind for awhile. I love the idea of unpremeditated and aimless excursion out of town. The closest I had to this was an unplanned day trip to London sometime last year. I think I just had a deadline and was trying to ease off before exam season kicked in.

Ahh, the idea of randomness: go online, book a flight somewhere and spend a few hours in a different environment and go back in the evening. Just walk around the streets, getting lost and at the same time finding out new things. I almost had that opportunity a couple weeks back. Book a ticket to Milan and return the next day. However, due to the circumstances at that time, I had to abandon the plan. If only it was an avoidable one.

I'm currently setting my sights on a day trip to a particular city. But I know it'll be a difficult one considering that its early of the year; and for scholars, academics, students and so on, that's a few months away from the finals. Or in other words, crunch time! The upcoming academic break is in March for Easter, but I won't be around then. The only logical time of the year I can go is between the month of February and early March, provided I have the financial means to go.

Oh well, only time (and money) can tell...

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