My essay in impasse...


I'm in the midst of writing out an essay assignment due late January. I know a month away from deadline is a long way to go (believe me, in the average students' calendar it is a long way to go) but this year, I'm hoping for a change of attitude in how I do my work. Furthermore, its in my best interest to finish things early since we're doing our dissertation as a final's project (also I'll be away from Bristol this holiday so that is part of the reason/motivation). Second year wasn't my best in terms of academic expectations and results, so before things go down for the worse (Nauzubillah) I'd rather take a precautionary measure as a 'self-crisis management'. And so here I am, down to my last 600 or so words to go. Stuck and a bit brain-drained, convincing myself that its just one of those days when writer's block get the best of me. Perhaps a little epiphany will do, but I need a lightbulb moment.

Sometimes I wonder, how do they do it? No, let me rephrase that: How do they, those A students, those second to none students, Ace-rs do about their things? Do a lot of readings? Did that, Ask many questions? Scratched that off too! So what takes? Perhaps my option for now is to seek help, perhaps from my tutors/lecturers, you know, have a heart to heart moment. Problem is some of them, instead of help me connect the dots, alleviate the problem even more. I have a tendency to get myself confused after a short visit to the tutors' offices. While others on the other hand, will be unavailable, like ever!

Maybe just an excuse to blog my thoughts out and distract myself from the essay, but I really need to get things moving again, desperately.

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