Thoughts of my life abroad: Life so far and as hoped.

My first 'detailed' post about life in Bristol was dated November 24th 2009. To think that it was over two years ago. Time flies by so fast that cum July, Insyallah, I'll finish my studies here in Bristol. I really felt like yesterday that I wrote that post. Bristol is definitely an interesting place and path that I've come across. I really love Bristol, the place and weather, and when I graduate, I can't wait to take along my parents to see this place, that they've come to know only from conversations on Skype. I will surely miss this place. If permitted, I'll surely come again to this city and visit the places where I've been to.

A mixture of victorian and modern architectures decorate and illuminate the city. Art and technology are synonymous to Bristol and this is evident in her history (Google to believe it;)). And with an institution of hundred of years of history, it doesn't take long for one to want to come here and be part of the Bristol's luminous alma mater.

However, in spite of experiencing and being blessed to have lived in Bristol, some thoughts still linger in my head. Perhaps, I render myself a confession...

I have to admit though, that the student life here I find unfitting for me. Maybe I was in denial in the whole time, but I come to realise that my college experience here is rather bland. Of course, there are some perks and benefits of being a UOB student, like having small days of classes (currently I'm running on a 2-3 days of class per week, with 2 hours each day), meeting new friends and having the privilege to have been mentored by important people in politics and international relations academia, but I somewhat feel its not my kind of environment. Something is just amiss.

I'm more of a city person, and living around large tall concrete buildings inspires me and gets me going. Indeed Bristol is a large city, and the University is situated at the heart of it, but it just feels like I'm out of place sometime. For an adventurous person like me, I'd weirdly spend much of my time at home or visit other cities outside of Bristol like Cardiff and London for a time or two. I'd never take time and explore the place throughout. It may sound disappointing and a bit of a let down, but the reality is, I just can't wait to get out and explore other avenues and environment. I crave for those 'sakai' first-timers' experience you get when being in a new place. What I'm saying is: I want a new city.

July may still be a long way to go, but like I wrote in my intro, it only felt like yesterday when I first wrote my first detailed post on Bristol, only to realise that I wrote it over 2 years ago. Time flies by really fast that I hope July will come sooner.

Armed and ready, June is that date to wait for. I can't wait!

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