The Anti-Restaurant Support Movement

Have you ever heard of the Anti-Restaurant Support Movement?
I didn't until I watched this episode of one of Jamie Oliver's named Jamie's American Road. Basically the show revolves around Jamie's uncovering of authentic local foods from different origins and communities, states by states in America's multi-faceted and colourful nation. In the New York episode, he introduced to the viewers a movement, aptly and straightforwardly dubbed as the Anti-Restaurant Support Movement, which is actually illegal (yes, illegal) underground restaurant. In his blog entry regarding the episode and movement, he wrote:
'The people who run these ‘supper clubs’ open their homes to strangers and feed them restaurant-quality meals, without the inflated prices and hurried service.'
It may not be as pleasing for the eyes to read, and the ears to hear, but after watching the episode, I found it unique, interesting and importantly authentic. Reflecting this concept in local Bruneian context, I find it amusing and ironic in terms of how 'authentic' and 'local' the restaurants are when its evident (at least whenever I go into these restaurants) that the staffs, from the waitress/waiters to the cooks, aren't even local. Although I won't go far and even try to criticise those restauranteurs, I'm merely highlighting the importance of identity in our food, and what a way to show that when locals are the ones who cook it, something that Jamie managed to uncover and show us on TV.

I'm not going to suggest our own Bruneian version of Anti-Restaurant Support Movement, wouldn't it be nice though to experience a wholly Bruneian fervor with local staffs, from waiters to cooks, serving and making wonders in our taste buds! That for me is THE Bruneian food experience!

Just a thought...:)

N.B. Jamie's blog post can be read here.

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