Rest bite!

Ahh.. what a hectic past few weeks I had. I was pretty much drowned with assignments and presentations. It was a good run I guess, although the workload really overwhelmed me. I basically had to juggle my time around as I had both presentation and essay deadline fallen on the same day, and therefore knew that it was going to be tough. But, Alhamdulillah, I managed although I feel that my effort I placed on the work wasn't that great. The moment I dealt with everything up, it felt like a whole load of burden lifted from me. It was such an ease!

Anyhow, its all passed now, and my focus now is more about home. I miss home, I miss the food, the people and most of all, the family. I'll be returning home soon for the upcoming Easter Break and I'm hoping to catch up with friends and probably get my head away from Uni just for the time being (exams just around the corner, can't totally put my attention away hehe). I hope a month at home and away from Uni (like literally) may provide me with a well needed restbite.

So yea, I just recently settled all things that required settling before my return date, like home for nextyear and all those things. Even bought some 'ole-ole' for the family. Speaking about next year's home, me and my housemate found a place around this place at Burlington Road, just 10 minutes away from our department. The house is basically a very large Victorian house, although we're only renting the third floor. But the room size is nice and the resident landlord seems like a pleasant old lady. I hope it'll be an interesting year, next year!

Anyways, gonna head back to my readings for next week's tutorials. Hope I'll find the time to blog more! Cheers!

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