Year two; Semester two

Wow! According to my last posting date, I haven't updated this blog since 13th January. That's exactly a month ago. LOL.

To be honest, I haven't been the most up-keeping of a person, in terms of writing in this blog of mine nowadays. Things have been quite hectic, as you can see on my previous couple of post. I was confronted with the clutters and stress of essay assignments, presentation, readings and a little sin of slacking. Not to mention my long days spent travelling in and around the UK added some cause. But I'm back, and I'm hoping to revive my train of thoughts here.

Anyways, semester two has started. Already I feel that the holiday should come sooner. Semester two's reading list per week I think doubled what we had in the previous semester. Not to mention that we're gonna have 4 presentations, one of which I had done a few weeks ago! I come to realise this 'shock' of workload when I observed my files for the semester are thicker and heavier than what we used to have. My fingers shaken, body trembled and mind boggled. But I may have hyperbolized that last statement.

Although I was 'shaken' there for a bit (LOL), I realised that in fact this semester's units are more to my liking than those Political Theory mumbo-jumbo I had a few months ago. The legroom in my brain was too limited to digest Locke's, Hobbes's or Machiavelli's fruits of thoughts; I definitely didn't go with their flow (wow, that rhymes!). I'm more interested in contemporary issues and ideas like the International Relations of East Asian Politics; in particular US-China relations, that's definitely increasing importance in today's foreign affairs. Or Development theories, that I can surely relate with my Abode of Peace, Brunei.

Moving away from my academic life, I'm currently in the midst of apartment hunting for next year's accommodation. Found some decent apartments and did some viewings however, the price, start date and in some cases room structure didn't match our criteria (Like those round pillar standing in the middle of the room, silly but true!). Hopefully we'll find a decent one soon! (In fact we're gonna do some viewings next week).

Last but not least, looking forward to go back, which is less than a couple of months to go. I'm excited, absolutely!:)

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