Sorry for neglecting you again!

I've been, again and again, neglecting my blog :b

I know this to the extent that I realised that my blog didn't have a background. (Image was removed!) LOL.

On my last few postings in the blog, I typed how reluctant I was to leave Brunei for the UK. But here I am, in Bristol and only in our second week of studying, everything has been hectic. Though I expected something different for my second year, I definitely didn't expect the amount of workload I had to put in this year. For example, last week, we were told to finish a book entitled, The Republic, by Plato in a week; which for any a difficult task to undertake.

But my course has been interesting so far. Learnt some new things (e.g. there was apparently a 'Friendly Coup' in Canada lastyear, whereby the opposition party took over the seat from the ruling party in an apparent coup-like fashion but without bloodshed or violence) and read some pretty intriguing literature. I'm really looking forward for this semester and the semester after.

This year we basically moved from Portland Street (our former place) to Hotwell Road. A new environment, a new beginning is what I say about this. And its been true in the sense that when we're at Portland, we used to walk like 10-15 minutes DOWN the hill to our place; but now, we have to walk UP double the time it took us to get to Uni when we're at Portland's. LOL. Talk about a different environment.

In terms of the weather, its been mad cold, and its not even winter yet. I'm expecting some tough times with dried skin and the winter itch plaguing me, since I've really sensitive skin. In fact, I've been having some un-comfy days last week due to this massive itch on my neck, at the back and on my waist. Turned out it was cause of the Impulse Perfumed shower gel that I brought from Brunei that caused it. Apparently anything that's fragrant and perfumed like shower gels or even detergents aren't good for people with sensitive skin especially in very cold weathers like in the UK.

One a side note, a week prior to my sending off to the UK, I went to KK with the Babies and being a KK virgin myself, I found the place super duper awesome, especially when you're friends like mine around. Some photos will be updated soon. Thanks guys for a great week;)

Lastly, time to get back to the studying field, got loads of workload to be done!

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