My Summer, so far.

It's been about 2 months after I landed back home. Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan has been great and awesome for me. Importantly, I'm glad that I'm spending a lot of my time with my loved ones- my family and friends and of course, my girlfriend. To be honest, my sleeping pattern nowadays, is almost similar to that in the UK. I'm not blaming the jetlag, cause obviously its been months since I came back, and normally it'll take me a bunch of days until I adapt to the time change. Rather, the World Cup, and now the puasa month made me to stay up until late nights, and wake up on late afternoons. Its like a cycle, and the same things go on every single day. It makes me wonder whether I'll be able to wake up early or actually wake when the alarm goes on.

But gratefully, I have to say, its been an interesting summer. I've been doing things that I wouldn't imagine of doing back in the UK. To name all will not possible, due to certain privacy constraints that I've to impose in this blog as it will include some of my friends along, but one of them was experiencing the feel of taking a ride in the boot of a car. Although it may not sound much, but when you're a bit of a Claustrophobic of a person, the ride may not be as fun or not so scary as you'd believe.

Despite all the awesome things I did and enjoyed at the moment, not all things are fine as I put it. Honestly, some things are just difficult for me to grapple with and take in. There's been one thing that's lingering in my head. I found out that something had happened to a close relative of mine, and really its these kind of things that make leaving to UK a difficult task. Won't say what exactly, but its something that makes feel reluctant to leave Brunei especially when the person in contention cross over in my mind.

I've to say, its a rollercoaster ride I guess for me this summer. Interesting and terrifying at the same time. Thats my summer so far.

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