It takes time to grow younger

Sometime ago I remember coming across this very contradicting yet true quote spoken by the mighty Picasso. He said "It takes time to grow younger". Its contradictory in the sense that you don't actually 'grow younger', you grow old; but when I think about it, it is in a way true, based on what I feel about my age. I’m no longer young, yet I’m not old. I can say that I'm wiser on certain things, yet I'm not wisest on all things. Always in moderation. I guess that's how I view life as in a way.


I've learnt and been through a lot. From there I've gained and grown a lot as well . And this year, is another year where I learn something new, and in my short time in this place called earth, I'd like to share some of those things that I recently learnt.

I've learnt that................

  1. No matter how educated and how far you've gone in your pursuit of knowledge, being in your early 20's people, especially those older than you will still see you young, raw and inexperienced. And from there, the element of trust in transparent and non-existence. As a result, there's nothing much you can contribute in this world.
  2. I've learnt that we are living a life too easy, as a result to this, when real obstacles arrive we panicked and unsure of what to do. We, the youth are spoon-fed too much, that even the educators are willingly accepting that fact, probably due to the fact that they realise their reputation and performance are more superior than their moral obligations. Thus not wanting to risk their reputations, preferring the easy way out, rather than the right way in.
  3. Life is a routine more than anything. People need to have a different perspective on what life is and how it should be spent.
  4. I've learnt that people are plain hypocrites.
  5. Life is interesting when you've fun friends to fill the void.
  6. Usually non-tasty foods are tasty when you're abroad.
  7. Giving up is not a healthy option, I almost fall in that unhealthy option during my First Year, something which I won't do in my second, third and hopefully Master's Degree years.
  8. My girlfriend's baby brother is super-duper cute, and I'm growing to love little babies:P
  9. Earning money is difficult.
  10. My main enemy is low self-confidence.
  11. Fitness is the new fun.
  12. No matter how annoying my family and girlfriend are at times, they are close in my heart anywhere and everywhere I go. And in my mind even closer.
Those are some things that I learnt recently, straight from my mind. Of course there are more, but I just find it hard to dig out.

Last but not least, Thank you to everyone who showered me with songs, 'bromance love and kisses', laughters, birthday meals, football and Facebook birthday greetings. Its an awesome week, and a birthday just added the awesomeness of it:)

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