Summer plan: Being a gym rat!

I'm currently trying the best I can attending gym sessions at a famous fitness centre nearby my home. Yeap, I guess that's my plan for the summer. To get super buff and humongous. LOL. Well not really; suffice to say that I just want myself to be fit and healthy. I read somewhere that being fit also means having a healthy brain, or something of that kind of saying. But what spurs me on is when I read this bit from the MensHealth's editor's foreword, and I quote: Fit is the New Fun: How physical exercise trains your brains for happiness; end quote - which to a large extent is logical.

So as of now, my definition of fun, is being fit as well as having a good time and feel great about myself. Furthermore, 'fit people are mentally trained to have a good time' (David Zinczenko), so those bloods, sweats and tears will come fruitfully for me either way (I hope). But I've a bit of a problem though, those intimidating heavy-looking gym machines aren't really my area of expertise, so I might have some problems adjusting and getting hold of them, and its these lack of knowledge that lend me some confidence issues when going to the gym. But I'm sure it'll be overcome-able.(LOL).

Time to head out, and work out.

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