Jerudong Sports Hub

This came out of the blue, to be honest.
Whilst on my way home from a gym session in Jerudong, when passing by Jerudong Park Playground, it hit me to learn that the former grandeur that the national theme park once had a decade or so ago had lost somewhere in the wave of time and recession. The spectacle of the Playground as we like to call it was never the same. But somehow (and this I don't really understand) Brunei's Tourism Board through their advertisements and leaflets seem to portray Jerudong Park as if its still in its heyday. This happened loads of time especially in the TV commercial where scenes taken from the Playgrounds such as those from the rollercoasters and the water log rides being included probably as a motivation to visit Jerudong Park. Perhaps they've forgotten that more than half of the rides aren't even there anymore. From a tourist's point of view, won't this be called cheating of information? Tourists spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars expecting a adrenaline-pumping experience only to find out that the only blood rushing ride is the carousel.

Whichever and whatever the reasons for the fall of the JP, its within the confinement and knowledge of the management, and let it be that way. However, if there is a way, anywhere and somewhere in the management in finding a suggestion with what to do with JP, provided the ample budget and financial support, my suggestion would be to transform it into a kind of Sports Hub, more or less like a permanent Sports Centre, that offers all sorts of sporting venues that the public can rent-to-use or utilise with certain entry charges per session/hour. I wouldn't call my suggestion as being bold, since most countries, particularly countries in the west had introduced such sporting centres years ago. Asia and nearby countries such as China and Australia too had introduced the same sporting facility. In fact our closest neighbour Singapore are already underway in introducing their own Sport Hub, which will be ready by 2011. READ

Singapore's own Sports Hub, to be ready in 2011

So what is a Sporting Hub?

From what I can gather and comprehend, a sporting hub is a place dedicated entirely for sports entertainment and lifestyle hub with integrated programming. This means within the borders of the sports hub, more than one sporting venue is offered and provided. To use JP as an example, since it has huge acres of land space, a Jerudong Sports Hub can be transformed into a mini racing circuit (on the already built go-cart track) which can be used for go cart racing and motocycle racing as well as for other events such as automobile exhibitions. Aside from that, the empty spaces on former rides can be transformed into an open futsal court with astro turf. Other suggestion could be a fitness centre like a gym of excellent standard. Perhaps, the football fields and golf greens nearby the Jerudong Park Medical Centre can be incorporated within the Sports Hub for sports such as golf, football, rugby and American football. Meanwhile other areas such as the former sites of the Pusing Lagi Rollercoaster can be scraped off and transformed into a indoor Aquatic Centre that meets world tournament standards as well as a multi-purpose arena that can be used for indoor sports such as badminton, sepak takraw and basketball. The long silky walk paths of JP can also be used not just as a form pathway for people but also for joggers or those who likes running sports which is suitable as they provide attractive surroundings around the area. The rocky mountain blocks from the water-log ride perhaps can be turned into rock climbing sport venue. Not to forget the pool surrounding the JP perhaps can be turned into a rafting, kayaking or scuba diving training centre as the shallow waters provide newbies the basic training on the two sports.

Tokyo Futsal Court

Model of Shanghai Aquatic Sports Centre

Meanwhile the other side of the JP, the areas nearby the Ampitheatre can be used not just for entertainment purposes alone but perhaps as a commercial venue as well. Since the Jerudong Sports Hub focuses also on lifestyle, it may also be suitable for group events such as group aerobics and yoga or why not a group body pump venue. Since the Jerudong Park Medical Centre is only a few minutes walk away from the JP, its surely a strategic place to be transformed into a kind of huge sports centre as medical assisted is located nearby.

This is just a small vision that I have on Jerudong Park. Perhaps we can forget the glory that the Playground once had in its grasps, and hope for something interesting that we may wisely use in our tourism adverts rather than pretending we have something that we actually used to have. The facilities would be that of the world class standards and something can be boasted of. A Jerudong Sports Hub may be long way to go, but there's no harm in envisaging let alone hoping:)

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  1. Interesting post! Jerudong as a sports hub. Never thought of it before, but hey, it's interesting. From what I have read, Brunei will be hosting the 29th SEA Games in 2017. I'm not quite sure what sort of preparations have been planned by the ministry, but hope fully they can pull of something very majestic, distinct and world class!

  2. 2017, really? that should be exciting.

    But what i tend to see about our society is we often live in the glory of the past, like what I'm trying to convey about JP being an amusement part attraction to foreign tourist, when in reality its a rusting playground with not so exciting rides.

    On a different note, 2013, Brunei will host ASEAN, so brunei will be in the world's spotlight once more on a non-sport related event. That will definitely be exciting!