Spending Easter in London

Never thought London would be so fun!
My perception of London has been nothing else but boring, wasting money and dirty. But I guess the more you experience the place, with loads of friends obviously, the more you love being there. I spent the whole week there and I must say, I've had the most splendid of time!

God Bless to Brunei Hall, for providing the cheapest of accommodation for us students, and God Bless to the Malaysian Eateries for Nasi Lemak Ayam. My cravings and affinity toward the food is never-ending. LOL

NLA Melati Restaurant in SoHo. The Bomb!!

School reopens next week and I guess its back to reality for me:( (Note: My progress on my assignments is currently on the halt for the obvious reasons). But on the bright side of things, I'll be coming back to Brunei in two months plus time. Time to catch up with everyone at home over a cup of coffee? Can't wait!:D

Some photos not taken by me, but by my good friend Mr. Adib Falique taken throughout my week in London.

Introducing Mr. Adib Faliq himself!:)

PS. Quick shout out for Mizan, Alifdo, Adib Falique, Hafiz, Aden, Amir, Baihaqi, Pudin and Fikah for a great time in London!

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