In Solace.

In the heat of the moment, I find solace in seeing how my life progressed. I've seen the black and white of my life course, realising there are still imperfections existed in it. A quick reminder of how I see life at. This video talks about how we are prone to the challenges of life and how we should feel grateful with what we've got despite those challenges; at least that's how I perceived this song. 'Syukuri apa yang apa, hidup adalah anugerah', a line from the song that I take in personally. All the sudden the thought of my family - my parents, mom and dad; siblings, loved ones and friends came to mind. My family especially is the best 'anugerah' that I've ever had, and I'm really grateful having them around. They give meaning to what my life is, despite all the trials and tribunals that I've had with them. I miss everyone:'(

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