What will we do?

I read an article from Ranoadidas's blog regarding this KK kid who apparently hates Brunei so bad, (which he describes Brunei as a 'Boring country') that he opened up this Facebook 'Hate Brunei Group'. I noticed the page like sometime ago, but never really bothered with it, as I see those kind of things as pointless as it is in nature. I mean, why care about a boy, whom in the first place, knows little about the outcome of expressing his personal judgement in the world of cyber-social networking. And the result, as I predicted, isn't pleasing. But to my surprise, it somehow escalated into this humungous issue, that doesn't rest just in the cyberspheres of Facebook, but continues in blogs such as that in Ranoadidas, Twitter and lastly lands in news media of Brudirect.

I find the 'issue' (if it is an issue in the first place) overblown out of proportion. Why are we so pissed at this KK boy, who criticise his narrow opinion of our beloved country? Is it that harsh? I mean, I would at times admit that there's nothing much to see or nothing new to experience in Brunei, and I think the similar feeling is felt by others as well.

For that reason, tourism-OUT of Brunei is always flourishing. See KK for instance and KL. Have you ever wondered why AriAsia spread their wings by opening up an office in Brunei? because the wise Mr. Fernandez knows that there is potential in profiting from investing AirAsia in Brunei, since he realises that us Bruneians will always love to fly....CHEAP! Put AirAsia aside, look at the amount of cars queuing at the borders every term breaks, it will always be long and hectic. Ask any immigration and Customs officers for acknowledgement, I bet they'll agree.

But the issue isn't that I'm favouring the KK kid's opinion, in fact, I was saddened by it. Saddened by the exaggerated reactions that people made of it. He's just an average boy, with his boyish looks. Judging by his appearance, he's probably 15-16 years old. I'm quite surprised at how effective his methodology in catching Bruneian's attention towards criticisms; but when us Bruneians voice out our opinions in HYS sites on Brudirect, or Opinions section in Borneo Bulletin, only a handful few would take notice. The rest, careless about what's written, or in some cases, splashes out excuses after excuses to why/what/or who is/are/to blame for the matter in discussion.

My point here is simply to take the 'Brunei is Boring' opinion and translate it into a constructive criticism. See it as a form of challenge to us, especially my generation, who'll in the later days have a more significant voice, than what we are able to say out at the moment. I might add a quote from J.F Kennedy in his Inaugural address, "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. "; in which is not just presented to the US citizens specifically, but for "citizens of the world" in general.

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