Muiz Ramsay?

Truth be told, I need some inspiration to blog. So far, I couldn't find any:S

I need to open up my mind and shun my University student life in the UK for a moment, and see the world more. Afterall, that is my aspiration. I need to sign out from my hefty companions of Political and Law books, and give in to something else. But what? and when should I start?

Have I told you that I'm currently befriending cooking? (I guess not, since I haven't been blogging that much lately, ok more like in a long time. I just 'Tumbler-ed' nowadays, as that's the fastest and simplest means to express my thought, ala' twitter-blogging kind of way.) Yes, it may sound feminine, but I dare you to ask anyone, living a student/career/ life abroad, that self cooking is a necessity. You can rely on eating out or takeaways everyday. It can be frustrating sometimes when you're restricted to the fact that you only know little about cooking. But I thank the technology for paving the way for web sites such as YouTube and MyResepi, as sites like these aided me most of the time to my pathetic know-nothing role in the kitchen. Guess its safe to say that I'm a better cook than I was 5 months ago:P

But its a painful journey to learn chopping condiments and raw meats, and ESPECIALLY the raw meats. I can recall the one time I visited my sister in DC, where she literally scream with horrid over slitting (or more like ripping apart) the already poor fish whose unbeknownst journey of life ended gruesomely even after its death:P Speaking of fish, I've also learnt to open my appetite to fish also. I wasn't much of a fish fan, but being here taught me not to be too picky with what you eat, halal wise of course. Its rather expensive and difficult to find food and ingredients that we usually use back home.

Depending on our food consumption (which may vary with others) my housemates and I usually spend £80 per month (£20 per person), roughly. I recently came to realise that our supplies would run out 2 weeks after we got them. Since food is hellishly expensive, I would rather cut down on my food in take to 1 meal per day, and snacking on bananas or bread in between the day.

But that's me, and us in Bristol. Its a different story, I'm sure elsewhere in the UK. Bristol as we all know, is amongst the Top 5 expensive places to live in the UK, which obviously makes life sometimes harder:S

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