FIFA 192, a book I never knew of.

I was browsing through net in hopes of searching perhaps a list of books and things that are banned to enter Brunei. I'm actually thinking of buying a biography, or at least a read about Voltaire and Lincoln, the great thinkers of their respective times. The ideals and perspectives of these thinkers might clash or perhaps 'not encouraged' by the authorities. Hence, my research on banned books in Brunei might save me the wait and money.

But instead of getting a list, I came across a forum from some random website, rambling and debating over a book, apparently banned in the country about the so called 'true story behind the legend of the Brunei Darussalam National Football Team', as the description writes. The book was written by Stanley Park, I'm not sure who the person is, but I think he's the former National football team coach. The book, as I read from the description is all about the events during the country's darkest days in football; falling ranks and being in the lowest end of the FIFA international rankings, 192th. Most of the contents I predict, are mockeries and sinister jokes about how terrible the football quality the Bruneians were displaying at that time. Funny how we've never heard about the existence of this book this whole time. Some say book was not all factual, rather comical view point of the nation's football, but judging by the fact that the book is banned, the jokes were enough to anger the people 'up there', hence banning it.

This book is apparently  available in Amazon, but as soon as it reached Brunei, the customs official will definitely seize the book away. But to those heading for Singapore soon, you should be able to grab a hold on the book at Konikuniya, Orchard Road as I read from the forum that somebody managed to purchase the book there. I, myself would want to read its contents, see how bad it is from a local's perspective.

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  1. Likewise, I wanted to search for the books that are banned in our country to save the trouble and money from bringing it home. And I came across the list. It definite sparked my curiosity. I'm gonna find this book and read it.