Plenty of things had been happening this past couple of days. Last Monday we had a Korban ceremony as well as an openhouse at my grandmother's place in Tutong. I arrived late, but as soon as I reached there, a lot of cars had taken the spaces up. In the garage, tens of people - relatives of familiar and unfamiliar faces were noticed. At the same time, old men, and a bunch of my uncles were seen cutting and dividing the korban meat. A close cousin of mine, told me of his dreadful experiece of seeing how live buffalos were slaughtered right upon his own eyes. The spectacle was enough to convince him (or rather starved him) from having a meat diet the rest of the day.

The night after, we had a doa selamat and tahlil ceremony at the same place. We also celebrated my aunt's birthday with a rather odd and peculiar gift of cake bought by my mom, can be seen below.

Weird right? And my aunt's aint 13!HAHAHA.But yea, it proved to be the kids' favourite since most of them were seen to trying to get a hand or two on the cupcakes. But on top of it all, the cupcake tasted excellento! Courtesy of Kitchen of Jasmine;)

Last but not least, if its not too late, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL ADHA!!

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