My mac converts to a new religion

I just accomplished on dual-booting my Mac into Windows Vista via Bootcamp and I must say, its really satisfying. Though I'm not much of a gamer, but I realised that the whole time, I'm only limited with only small amount of games compatible with Mac OS. However with the dual booting, to my advantage, that problem will no longer be happening=)

And the icing on the cake, is really the graphics, which I'd always credit macs for having the best monitor resolution. But I've to admit, I'm a bit rusty with Vista, particularly finding tabs and functionality when custmoization and alterings are needed=S I'd say I'm more prone towards the XP features, but all in all, I'm satisfied=D

So far I only managed to install Football Manager 09 and I believe more will come by. What a way to use up those free time eh? So who says owning a Mac is tough? Well, to be honest, it is when you don't know the ways...

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