Another day in the Office

Probably some reckon that I might have taken up a job somewhere based on my title, but actually no, I'm still jobless and at present living up to the moment! I've been essentially becoming an understudy of a potato couch that we often see on TV; slowly but surely the revelation is slowly creeping up that I might be one. But seriously, what else could I've done (except the prospects of getting a part time job) besides TV, Macbook, sleeping, video games, hanging out and eat? Afterall, its this moment of time that we should saviour the life of the jobless, because by nextyear, the bottle will spin around and we'll be back to the status quo, where our main acquaintace are books and due dates (and assessments of course)!

I may have repeated this, but I'm so freaking eager for the results to come out. Its already the ninth of December, and roughly, the moment of truth will come around end of January. This week the anticipation of the PMB results are beginning to amplify , and traditionally rumours are in the air of when the result-date are actually going to be. A cousin of mine, who are too like other is currently so eager to find out what he's getting from the exam. Being an express student in his school, I'm sure that he'll do great!

Tomorrow I'm heading to the MoE with a friend of mine to the scholarship department, hoping to enquiry regarding the available scholarships. I'm so interested in knowing how the DANA scholarship works. I was also told by a handful number of friends that, after the Sultan Scholar and MinDef scholarships, the DANA scholarship may be the best one around, and for those who are qualified and chosen, they're surely the lucky to get it. So I might dig deep in it. If its possible, I'd like to ge the forms too. I remember during the OxBridge talks held in MD a few months back, the scholarship rep. told me that the scholarship application will already be opened by December and that students could actually get the forms by that month. Hopefully that's true. Imagine the hassle and bustle I'd be involved in cum January, damn that'd be hectic!

You know, its really funny how things go. Albeit the fact that I was so vehement to finish college, somehow the memories and feel of college beginning to come back to me. I don't know whether the science of man's anatomy or psychology have something to do with this but I somehow miss being in MD. Too much of precious memories going around there. It only felt like yesterday that I became a freshie-turned-senior-turned-graduate. I don't know, maybe its the college withdrawal symptomps perhaps?LOL.

Ohh well, every beginning, has an ending, and then back to square one. 2009 is 23 days ahead. God knows what 2009 has in stored for us... Godspeed, lets wish for the best!

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