Who's your hero?

I'm currently watching the CNN Heroes All Star Tribute hosted by Anderson Cooper. A start studded event celebrating the 'Heroes' or individuals who had spent a fortune or most time in their lives helping other people out. Its quite intriguing to listen and understand one's sacrifices and commitment on helping others, and how it affects the one another. Their experiences are rather humbling and inspiring. The event also honours the year's 'Hero of the Year'. All winners are chosen by the CNN's Blue Ribbon Panel. This year's winner went to Lisa McCartney, that contributed on helping out Hurricane Katrina survivors in St. Bernard Parish through her non profit St. Bernard Project.

But amongst all, my personal favourite might be Anne Mahlum through her 'Back on My Feet' program, helping homeless people through running. She contacted the shelter that dwell the homeless people and got donations of running gear, and in July 2007 the "Back On My Feet" running club hit the streets. Members of the program would run three times a week, from 5.30am to 6am, where the members are diverse - from doctors to shelter residents.

She quoted something utterly insipiring:
"Running really is a metaphor for life,...There is always another mile. You just have to take it one step at a time."

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