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I officially finished my A-Levels exams yesterday.
What a relief! The last paper was Socio, all that I could say is that Im grateful that I was an avid attendee for Simmonds Sociology classes. I guess his jokes and sarcasm, added with sometimes sinister views of the college (which I most of the time find it so Bruneianish), perhaps fueled my presence even more; but I digress.

Anyhoos, the relief and feeling of joy dominated my emotions as soon as I stepped out of the Auditorium. What could I make out of it? Its just pure solace that my exams are finally over and the fact that those 8-9 months of holiday just gave my heart that tingling sensation. OMG, what the hell am I ought to do in 8 freaking months? 

Part-time job perhaps? or confine myself in my own abode of peace (i.e. my home, my room) I'll let the decision hang in the balance for a couple of months til I make up my mind. As for now, let me depict on my own version of serenity to myself.

Going back to the exams yesterday, I'd say the questions weren't too bad nor weren't so easy entirely. But that's my opinion; and I'm sure there were mixed perspectives regarding how the paper was. During the course of that excruciating 3 hours, I could spot a handful number of people exiting the hall a few hours sooner than when the exam actually supposed to end. I always find early birds odd to be honest. Why not just spend of the time to stay put, or rather find more ideas to make the answers more...how do I put it, riveting? Afterall, it was an essay written exam and a 3 hours paper; when you're out, there'll be no turning back. But I lay that opinion on to myself, and no censure intended. 

All in all, I'd say the November papers were filled with drama I guess. First it was the extremely strict 'protocol' prior sitting for the papers. No phones, a body check and the most astounding- No bags. Yes, the college went on for the extreme. Slowly but surely, the scenario became clear - turned out it was because of an incident whereby a particular student was found cheating as to slipping in some notes inside his bag. As a result to that, my 'to bring in hall' items were reduced to only that of pencil, pens and eraser, and I can assure you thats no fun at all especially the part when you ran out of pencil leads!

Aside from that, a friend of mine, Aaron, who should be registered for the LIT papers exams, found that his name wasn't in the exam list!Although he ended up completing the two LIT papers, there were no real assurance that the Cambridge Uni might accept his work considering that the papers he did were basically 'unregistered' according to the list provided for the head of invigilator(since his index wasn't in the list). I hope it'll be graded though, cause if it doesn't, that'll suck bad!

Lastly, the sociology paper yesterday too wasn't an exception. Apart from the persistent ringing of the invigilators' mobile phone during the course of the paper(which I found, was a real pest, btw), right after the students exited the audi, I could immediately spot mixed emotions out of what they just had experience. Some with puffy eyes (either from tears or just sleepyheads), some with apparent joy and gladness and some were - void. Cum end of January, things may be pretty messed up I reckon! but I might be wrong tooXP

Anyways, I came to MD in the morning to supposedly return all my books, until I found out one of them was lost. I was told by a friend that I could just pay the college to compensate the loss, but unfortunately, the teacher continuously insisted me to look for it at the bookstore, though I later I realised my search ended in vain. The book just aren't available in Brunei anymore!Finding that out, I spoke again with the teachers to tell them about it, and to hope that this time they should just let me recoup it with money;BUT again, they didn't want the money! Instead, wanted me to ORDER the book from the bookstore OR the internet. Well, since their stance were so concrete, I'll probably settle with the internet. But as for now, I'll just be rummaging about for the book somewhere at home and if I don't come up with anything, then Amazon.com it is then!


Anyways, on another note, I'd like to wish my friend TAJ a happy birthday today! You're getting dinousoury dude! HAHAH. and LIVERPOOL CAWER!!!LOL

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