Recession, recession, recession..

As I speak, I'm watching the live coverage in BBC regarding the UK ECONOMY in a debate in the House of Commons. Apparently, in the current recession, its expected that the British economy will continue to fall in the next 2 quarters. The ramblings between the Labour and the Opposition parties could be heard in the background as Finance Minister Alastair Darling spoke of the fate of the British economy and the fact that he outlined the causes of those problems one by one, of which resulted by the government's own spending. He announced that Britain is to launch a stimulus worth 30 billion pounds. Now, that whole load of money! You must be wondering, what interests me on these kind of things? To be honest, I myself have no idea!

In Japan, perhaps to cut spending during the recession, one restaurant 'employs' MONKEYS as their waiters. They wear uniforms, collect change, send orders and even help to answer calls(though they don't actually speak on the phone, just help picking up the phone and pass it to their boss) - what more could you ask from an actual monkeybrainer?

As the 'big guns' in the world are facing the economical downturn, Brunei on the other hand, seems not so much affected, at least not yet. The oil, being the country's main produce and source of income, are now seen its price falling. Would we be worried? I think we should. I'm no economy expert, but as the latest report on Bruneians announced that we are still picky with our jobs and still unsure with the private sector, I guess its time, to use the Obama slogan, for a change. The mindset needs to change, especially in times like now, where the economy is in the moment of uncertainty. 

Not to sound racist, but locals, now should perhaps dominate the jobs, where immigrant workers are commonplace, starting from those that need not foreigners' speciality, for example the public transport system. I find it odd whenever I see busses driven by an Indian or Indonesian; can't we drive our bus in our own country? Don't we, the locals, know the routes and ways better than the Indian/Indonesian? Is it that hard to push the gas and turn the wheels that we require foreign skills to drive a bus?

If a monkey in Japan could find itself working in a restaurant, why can't us, humans?

PS. Being a bus driver is just a suggestion. I believe there are millions of jobs in Brunei that are worthy of local staffs.

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