Months of uncertainty

Its just been a few days, already I'm feeling void and turned off with the holidays. If only I got the 'means' to do what I'd like to do when I'm free. I wanted to spend my day yesterday playing PS3, but somehow the TV screen just went plain. I reckon something went haywire with the TV or the PS3 A/V wire connecting with the TV. I ended up doing nothing yesterday. The TV was already fallen in the hands of my little sister unmoved. To think that I'm about to endure this for a well 8 months just seems so horrifying. 

So yea, for my part, its already 3 days of official holiday for me. 3 days out and possibly 63 days left until the results are out. But thats just a rough estimation. Speaking of results, one thing that I find truly annoying is really the waiting part. The excruciating wait added with the agonizing feeling and the mind games are common association in this waiting game. Nevertheless, the most irritation that I think most people would agree with me is how the public tend to play with rumours and speculation of when the results are going to be out. For me, who has the tendency to be gullible with those rumours, find that fact vexing. I'm just hoping that this time it'd be different though thats quite of a wishful thinking. 

As for now, it'll be 63 days in counting...

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