I'm one paper left!!!!=))))

I was visiting some other people's blogs randomly and I couldn't help but to notice that much of them are from current Bruneian students studying abroad. Some quite enticing for me to read, particularly on how 'different' their transition of lives have become ever since laying a foot on that alien land. Their pictures speak for itself, and it somewhat gives me that impetus to work hard be like one of them, insyallah!

At the same time however, I realised that some of them are rather emotional with how they're coping up especially without their parents or family members around; missing home and annual family gatherings such as the Hari Raya. I think that's one of the reality of living miles away independently. Let alone the culture shock of how different things are abroad than it is here. Perhaps that is part of what life is; one's ability to get out of their comfort zone and live a whole lot different way of life. Learning from their blog, without a doubt intrigues me.

Speaking of studying, I'm one more paper left to finish up on my A-levels. My my, how time flies by so fast. The anticipation that I felt early the year is about to culminate in a few days time. I won't be emotional about ending my A-level journey but I'd definitely regard and reminisce the great pain and joy I experienced here in MD, though I'd say much of them are precious and fun memories, thankfully:)

I just sent my UCAS application by the way to my preferred unis and hopefully will get my replies in a few weeks time. For those curious, I sent my application to Bristol, Reading, Durham, Nottingham and Manchester Universities for a degree in Politics. As much as drafting and typing out my Personal Statement (with a help from my big sister, thank you very much!) are concerned, I'd really hope that it will stand out (though my counsellor and Lit teachers assured me that it was perfect). I'm also hoping that my recommendation will shine too. I really really hope that those unis (or rather some of them) would recommend me and book a place or at least provide me with a pre-conditional offer. Its just one of those things that makes you anticipate your luck.

I guess I should head back to my revisions=)

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