Vantage point

Vantage point *Spoiler Alert*

Vintage point has been the talked of the town lately. They say its 'unexpected', and they were right! I watched the movie yesterday and it was an undoubtedly interesting, action packed movie. I liked the part when hints and questions were put out to the audience, it just gave you that curiosity, wanting you to know more about whats about to happen.

A few limitations though, the repetitiveness of the 'rewinding' scenes of the other perspectives were too annoying though some would argue 'that is the suspense part' but most of the time the audiences just 'want to get to the point'. Furthermore, the chasing scene was too confusing. There are a lot of people in the street, but none of them, except the President's special securities, made the effort to chase the possible suspect. Its like the Spanish people let a guy with a gun to run around the street going in and out of peoples' homes when obviously agents are chasing him. Then the street and roads aren't closed despite bombings had just occurred a short while ago. Furthermore, the shops aren't shut down either around the area and people just lead their life like they'd normal do. Surely, in real situations like the 9/11 attacks, all road access nearby the disaster sites are closed and people would normally run out of their cars to seek refuge somewhere.

My rate for the movie would be an average 6/10.

PS. Can't wait for SEMI PRO comdey movie coming pretty soon=]

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