Study In UK fair From British Council

Study In UK fair From British Council

Today I went to the Study in Uk Fair at Rizqun International Hotel. I basically spent my 2 hours there strolling over the right university for me which I would hope to enter next year,Insyallah. I currently have Nottingham University, Warwick and Bristol on top of my list. But at the same time, much to Zydah constant persuasions, I shall also try to pursue the MinDef Scholarship programme, which will open its registration on April. Basically my fate all lies in my hands now.

Back to the Study in UK fair - There were a lot of students attending the fair, as usual. This year's fair exhibited newcomers i.e. new university representatives, namely the hertfordshire University as one of them. I took a few of my time to enquire the requirements for the Law course and I noticed most of the universities still require that strong 200+ points in order to get a place. Though sounded tough, there are still more time to improve.

Typing this reminds me of how short of time it is til the AS June Examinations arrive. Though I'm sitting for only 2 papers, I still feel uneasy about this whole History quasi English Literature revisions that I'm doing. Somehow I feel they're not enough! Then, I got my 3 A2 papers to contemplate about. Sociology, History and Literature *sigh*

Well, I guess such education fairs have a hidden purpose afterall - to open the students eyes and serve as a wake up call and motivation for the examination. Don't you think being ready isn't actually enough to be ready?

PS. 2 Months and counting... To Zydah, For your information, I got myself AN AMERICAN DREAM!LOL

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