I woke up after my afternoon nap only to be told by my dad that our Honda Accord Car was sold the afternoon whilst I was sleeping. We've been trying hard to look for interested buyers, and now since it's sold, it kind of felt oddly different. I love that car, a lot of effort done by my brother and dad on fixing it. I used to hate that car for the unending problems and constant dying of engine in the middle of the road.
When it was fixed a couple of years ago, it worked fantastically. No major problems emerged until now.

I might sound a bit sentimental about it, but really, it was the first car I drove (and scratched.LOL). Moreover, it has always been the family's 'LEXUS' for 18 hell years. It even has a name for crying out loud! We used to call her 'Si-Itam' (Yes, the Honda is a SHE).

Its sold, but not entirely gone. Peace!

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