Homework piling up...

Homework piling up...

It has been a very robust and hectic week I should say. Homework, assignments and club commitments have taken it's toll on me. I have really been busting my arse trying to sort out all these work; and I must say - Its darn difficult. I've been going home at 5pm for the past couple of days, and its really wearing me out.

My homework are really mountainous. I am required to finish one Sociology homework ie one essay as well as FOUR English literature essays. Meanwhile for the assignment, I'm due for a pair work that requires me to do internet research. Club commitments - Debate and the Literature Production Play as well the unorganised Maktab Duli Football team. So far, all the work and commitments are anything but relaxation and joy. I noticed my sociology grades are dropping and this really is a concerning factor. My only advantage though is that I still have plenty of time to get back up and overcome the problems. It is during times like this that the two P.S's come in handy; moreover, with regard to the June exams, at least I'm two paper-less compare to the majority of my other college mates.

I was told be Aaron through his text a while ago that I wasn't chosen for the Debate Team to represent MD. I wasn't too please with that, nor was I too sad. The thing is, with the condition that I'm facing now, joining the competition, would eat more and more of my time that in turn could be used for my studies. But at the same time, It made me feel like all those times attending meetings, discussions and brainstorming - all fell down the drain. But I'm cool with all that.

I shall end my post here. Will update soon.

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