Dreams from my father.

Dreams from my father

I just finished reading through the 15th page of the book called Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama, the current Democratic presidential hopeful. I actually purchased the book last January while still in my holiday at the States, hoping to read the book during the flight, but wasn't able to do so due to the tiresome feeling sitting in the plane for endless hours.

So far the book is yet tempting and interesting. I sort of generate curiosity on me to continue reading ahead on the next chapter. I personally like the way he preluded the chapter through making an account of his University-student life in New York, living with a roommate in the district of East Harlem.

I've stopped for now to get myself an eyes shut since I missed my daily afternoon naps; and obviously the sleepy eyes are getting into me at the moment. But I dedicating the coming holidays especially on the memoir and hopefully, it'll prove me fruitful.

I won't say more about the book since it'll be days until I'm eventually done with it, but for a head start, lets just say that it's quite motivating.=)

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