Devils against the Reds

Devils against the Reds

Im watching the Super Sunday pre-match discussion between the ESPN correspondents Paul Masfield and Shevy Singh hosted by Andrew. A question handed out to Paul by Andrew regarding C. Ronaldo, "How can the premier league teams stop him, Paul?".

Paul smiled, and gave Andrew a food for thought, "If we could figure that out Andrew, then we all are premiership managers!"

Tonight is known to all as the 'Grand Slam Sunday' commemorating top four teams that are currently fighting for the League's title. Tonight will be United against Liverpool, whilst Chelsea will be up against Arsenal. In case you all didn't see the sign, I betting for Manchester United to win, again!

United will surely have to deal with the in form Torres, and ever so dangerous Gerrard. Rio and Van Der Sar are doubts, and that'll leave Evra and Vidic as first team players to strengthen the back four. That will surely be difficult but bare in mind, United too has their 'lethal' end of the attacking force. Ronaldo, the current top scorer of the League is born to cause headaches for Livepool tonight whilst the like of Rooney upfront must not be forgotten. Carragher who tend to be complacent at times should realise that.

Minutes left for the game as I type this post.
To all United maniacs and fans, all the best for tonight!

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