Committee's System Down

Committee's System Down

I guess it all comes clear to me me now. Something is wrong with the MD committee clubs!
Lets go back to my previous blog post on the 6th March:

'My homework are really mountainous. I am required to finish one Sociology homework ie one essay as well as FOUR English literature essays. Meanwhile for the assignment, I'm due for a pair work that requires me to do internet research. Club commitments - Debate and the Literature Production Play as well the unorganised Maktab Duli Football team. So far, all the work and commitments are anything but relaxation and joy. I noticed my sociology grades are dropping and this really is a concerning factor. My only advantage though is that I still have plenty of time to get back up and overcome the problems. It is during times like this that the two P.S's come in handy; moreover, with regard to the June exams, at least I'm two paper-less compare to the majority of my other college mates.

I was told be Aaron through his text a while ago that I wasn't chosen for the Debate Team to represent MD. I wasn't too please with that, nor was I too sad. The thing is, with the condition that I'm facing now, joining the competition, would eat more and more of my time that in turn could be used for my studies. But at the same time, It made me feel like all those times attending meetings, discussions and brainstorming - all fell down the drain. But I'm cool with all that.'

Apparently, the college's participation for the football competition was cancelled by the organisers due to the college late submission of the registration form. Basically it was the involved teacher's fault for not handing out the form sooner. Think about all the practise sessions done by the U-18 and 19 above team - Surely they had wasted their afternoons for nothing. The most shitty part about this was that the committee- NOT THE TEACHER!- had to tell the players one by one about the cancellation of the team. So basically, it gave the committee a bad image as a whole. So where's the teacher now? Gone and vanished into thin air, possibly! Because the last time I ever saw or even spoke with him was like ages ago!

Then the Debate Society Club. As mentioned earlier, I was not chosen for the team due to the MD play commitments (this is according to the teacher). Well, apparently, the ISB team had pulled out from the Debate competition this Monday so what happened was that there was to be another MD team to represent the college. Therefore, MD was going to send TWO teams for the competition, amusingly, I was chosen to be in the second team, despite earlier reason from the teacher who said that they can't choose me due to my Play rehearsals. Okay, there's something fishy about this!

So initially I rejected their offer, but eventually accepted it as the teacher promised to use only one week of my time for the debate. That night I got myself busy and finished drafting my speech. The speech was virtually done on the next morning. On Thursday, I couldn't come for the debate practise as I was needed for the Play rehearsal. But to my shock ( and delight) I was told by Jinggles that our team was disbanded because another team had pulled out and hence, our services were no longer required. The funny thing was, I was only being informed through mouth to mouth which made me curious whether it was true of what Jinggles said. Until that evening Aaron was able to confirm to me about my team's position.

The disappointing bit wasn't really the bit where our team's participation was cancelled but more of the fact that we had to come every afternoons to work out the speech. Moreover, the way we were informed about our team's situation was so unprofessional, almost rumour-like. The more and absolute disappointing part about our team was of the nature of our participation. It was revealed by Aaron, that our team presence 'was only for show'; because even if we our team wasn't cancelled, whether we win or lose, it would still be impossible for us to proceed to the finals because of some weird complex scoring system. Consequently, the afternoons we spent on the speech were deemed a total waste!

So far the only consistent committee is the play production and I'm begging that such thing won't happen to it. I'm not yapping over some big deal matter, only that I'm not satisfied with how things are handled in MD. I thought a college is the place where our unknown abilities are developed. One thing for sure, this experience gave me nothing close to development, except for afternoons and nights of busy researching, poster-making, name sorting outs and constant headaches! The college tends to blame its students for unacceptable behaviours and etcetera when they should ask themselves the thin line between 'Who actually possesses these unacceptable bahaviours?' with 'Those who do not?'.

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